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Get with the Trends: Elevate Your Wedding Chair Decor

Planning your dream wedding is like an artist’s canvas, allowing you to bring to life all the elements that will make your special day truly unique. Amidst the hustle and bustle of organising, there’s one often overlooked detail: the chairs. While they might not steal the spotlight, they play a crucial role. After all, no one wants their guests standing uncomfortably throughout the ceremony. With a bit of creativity, these chairs can become unsung heroes, transforming your venue. Let’s explore the current trends and discover how to infuse them into your wedding chair decor. 

Ribbons: Weaving Elegance

Ribbons have been making waves in various domains – from accessorising bags, headphones, and clothing to serving as stylish shoe laces. Their versatility extends to chair decoration, instantly adding sophistication and charm. For example, picture satin or organza ribbons draped elegantly over white tiffany chair backs, creating a graceful cascade. Our tiffany chairs, with their spindle backrests, provide ideal spots for weaving ribbons. You can experiment with a blend of colours that complement your theme; for instance, pair our white Tiffany chairs with different pastel ribbons can add a delightful touch. Alternatively, you can opt for delicate lace ribbons to evoke a vintage charm. 

flower attached with lace ribbon on wedding chairs

Pearls: Timeless Elegance

Pearls, an aesthetic that has stood the test of time since the 15th and 16th centuries, continue to adorn modern fashion. If pearls can elevate accessories, why no use them to decorate wedding chairs? Their timeless elegance offers a subtle yet exquisite touch. String them along chair backs or affix them to ribbon knots for a luxurious feel. Also consider adorning chair sashes’ corners with clusters of pearls or incorporating pear-studded brooches for glamorous finish. 

pearls attached to wedding chair decor

Nature's Beauty: Floral Arrangements

Flowers aren’t just for the bride’s bouquet; they can also enhance the entire bridal party’s aesthetic. Infuse the beauty of nature into your chairs with floral arrangements. Picture chair backs adorned with petite bouquets or single blooms tied delicately with ribbons. Intertwining greenery or baby’s breath flowers with ribbons can add a whimsical touch. For a more opulent look, opt for larger floral arrangements attached to chair sides or tops, creating a captivating focal point. When searching for chairs, consider options like Gladiator chairs with open backs. These chairs offer the advantage of easy bouquet attachment, allowing you to effortlessly adorn them with beautiful floral arrangements.

Your wedding chairs might seem insignificant, but with these creative touches to wedding chair decor. They can become integral parts of your venue’s enchantment. These trends allow you to infuse personality, elegance, and charm into every seat. Ensuring your guests not only sit comfortably but also marvel at the artistry woven into every detail.

baby breath flower tied by ribbon on wedding chair
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