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Enhance your Event with Tiffany Chairs

Embodying timeless elegance and versatility, the Tiffany Chair, or Chiavari Chair, stands as a hallmark of sophistication within the realm of event seating. Its iconic design elevates tables and event spaces, adding an aura of refinement that seamlessly suits a wide array of occasions, spanning from glamorous black-tie affairs to weddings, corporate gatherings, and memorable celebrations. The Tiffany Chair’s flexibility and affordability for hire make it an exceptional choice for any event planner aiming for both style and practicality.

At Tiffany Chair Events, we offer a selection of five Tiffany Chair colours available for hire: white, black, silver, gold, and clear (often referred to as ghost). Considering that chairs often dominate the visual landscape in a room, the choice of colour becomes a crucial factor when opting for these exquisite seating arrangements.

wedding reception venue with dance floor, gold tiffany chairs and tables

Here’s a curated guide to styling suggestions for each Tiffany Chair colour in Sydney:

White Tiffany Chair

White remains a favourite among the spectrum of Tiffany Chair colours. Its pristine charm effortlessly complements any coloured linen tablecloth, floral arrangement, or thematic décor. Whether adhering to a specific colour scheme, embracing minimalism, or interweaving a diverse palette of hues, white effortlessly harmonises with any aesthetic, lending a touch of timeless elegance to the setting.

Wedding reception with white tiffany chairs placed around round banquet tables

Black Tiffany Chair 

Introducing an element of drama to the event space, Black Tiffany Chairs create a striking contrast, often paired with deeper, richer colours or white and cream accents. Place settings typically feature porcelain or white elements, along with an abundance of glassware, completing the table setup. The black Tiffany Chair in Sydney is also a favoured choice for events inspired by 1930s-themed décor, adding a touch of vintage sophistication.


black tiffany chair at a wedding reception

Gold Tiffany Chair 

For a lavish touch, the gold Tiffany Chair reigns supreme. Exuding a champagne-coloured splendour, these chairs pair beautifully with white, black, or silver padded cushions. Highly favoured for weddings, these chairs infuse an air of grandeur, complementing both dark and light-themed décors, exuding an aura of regal sophistication.

outdoor wedding ceremony with gold tiffany chairs styles

Silver Tiffany Chair 

Mirroring the elegance and refinement of its gold counterpart, the silver Tiffany Chair adds vibrancy to event themes and styling. Often chosen as an alternative to the white Tiffany Chair, silver chairs can break up an all-white décor scheme, creating a fantasy-like, almost magical atmosphere, especially when combined with ice or brighter blue and white décors.


Clear/Ghost Tiffany Chair 

Emerging as a popular choice for events seeking a prestigious style, the clear Tiffany Chair effortlessly adapts to its surroundings. This transparent chair boasts incredible versatility, complementing dark décors, traditional white wedding themes, and when combined with the right colours, creates a whimsical ambiance. Its adaptability knows no bounds, as showcased below in diverse event themes.

Clear tiffany chair hire with a white sash decorated

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